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Bidooh is the first and only “out-of-home” advertising platform available to everyone. From the comfort of your own home or office, you can create a targeted advertising campaign without the need to involve an agency.

Our data and demographic statistics are in real time which enables you to spend your budget more effectively. With Bidooh you are not binded to a minimum spend, and advertisements are launched in real-time.

Bidooh is fully GDPR compliant.

Create an advert, upload image, or video.
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Choose location.
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Set a budget and purchase.
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  • Is your business within a close proximity to a Bidooh screen? Target the immediate area with relevant messaging to influence final consumer buying decisions.

  • Register yourself completely free and without the need of a contract at portal.bidooh.com and use our intuitive advert builder to create an advert.

  • Choose the design, location, and set your budget. 
Future developments include demographic targeting.

  • No hidden fees!

  • Are you a media agency and would you like to expand potential of your out-of-home campaigns with additional locations?

  • Are you looking for opportunity to target a specific demographic?

  • Do you require real statistics based upon impressions on who has seen the advert?

  • Bidooh is your ideal solution, contacts us for an individual offer and the use of our screen network.


  • Would you like to know more about the demographic profiling of your venue visitors? If so, then only our screens can provide you such interesting and valuable data, in real-time.

  • Do you want to offer your retailers an advertisement platform within your mall and keep a track with the modern technology? As the unique market provider of such technology, we can offer exactly that to you.

  • Are you interested in additional revenue from minimal vacant space? If so, contact us for installing screens at your mall.

  • Bidooh screens are not only intelligent, but also aesthetically attractive element for your mall.

  • If you have any questions, please email us at info@bidooh.cz


    The Bidooh network is already available to you across Great Britain, ongoing installations are happening in Bosnia & Herzegovina, negotiations are happening in South Korea.
    In cooperation with LED Multimedia s.r.o., we are currently installing Bidooh screens also in Czech Republic. Bidooh are dedicated to the most lucrative locations in order to provide you a best possible advertisement network for your campaign.

    Newly connected locations - Grand Centar and OBI in Sarajevo, ETNA Gračanica, Shopping centar Džananović Zenica, Bosnia and Hercegovina
    Soon to come
    - We are preparing the launch of our screens in Aquapalace Prague, Czech Republic, Cinema City Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Sunnyland Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina.

    Soon after, we are preparing new locations in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen, Hradec Kralove and Pardubic in Czech Republic.

    We will keep on informing you about news and new locations here regularly.

    News about ICO and blockchain can be found on www.bidooh.io

    bidooh.cz REKLAMA ETNA 1 Gracanica

                REKLAMA Dzananovic Zenica 2

    bidooh.cz REKLAMA Grand
                Centar Sarajevo main entrance

    bidooh.cz REKLAMA Grand
                Centar Sarajevo

                REKLAMA Dzananovic Zenica 1

    bidooh.cz REKLAMA ETNA 2

    bidooh.cz REKLAMA Grand
                Centar Sarajevo garage entrance

    bidooh.cz REKLAMA
                OBI Sarajevo


    We are not against co-operation, in fact, quite opposite!

    If you would like to co-operate with us then do not hesitate to get in touch.
    Do you know any location who will want to be equipped with Bidooh screens, then do not wait and tell us, we will happily compensate you for every installed screen!
    Do you own an ideal location for Bidooh screen, don‘t hesitate to get in touch.

    Partner for Czech Republic: 

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    Bidooh Media s.r.o.

    IČ: 06794394

    Bank account: UniCredit Bank 1387350201 / 2700

    Address: Palác Padowetz, 1. patro, dveře číslo 102A Masarykova 34, Brno 602 00, Czech Republic

    Email us: info@bidooh.cz

    Call us: +420 533 534 440, 800 440 440